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Coping Strategies for Stress Management

Stress Management Strategies

Stress is one of the most important tools the body has to fight against risky situations. This natural response to high-risk situations helps the body to react in the most effective way. Hundreds of years ago, that racing heart, fast thinking, and sudden tension that developed in the muscles all provided a way for people to run or fight their threat. It lasts just long enough to get to safety.

Today, stress continues to create intense symptoms, but often the threat isn’t tangible, and the stress hormones don’t always go away. Stress is a big factor in quality of life, and while you cannot eliminate it, you can learn how to manage it successfully.

You’re Not Alone in Struggling with Stress

The American Institute of Stress indicates that 55% of Americans feel some stress every day. It could be about personal issues, such as managing a budget or dealing with relationships. Other times, the pressure at work or school mounts too quickly to be bearable. Still, other factors, from inflation to political uncertainty, add to the stress you feel every day.

As stress continues to play a role in your day-to-day life, you may be unsure if you can do anything about it. How can you improve the way you feel when stress seems to be present all the time? 

The Stress Management Strategies That Work

It’s true: stressful situations do not go away. They are a part of life, and we’re naturally going to have an emotional response to them. However, there are some very practical and effective techniques that can help you manage stress in an effective manner, which can help limit the impact it has on you and your health.

  • Take a mental break when you need it

Turn off social media, step away from the news feeds, and simply take a mental break from the elements of life creating stress for you. If you need to take a personal day off work, do so. The key here is to regularly provide your brain some time to process what is occurring and return to equilibrium. 

  • Recognize the benefits of professional help

If you are struggling with stress, you may benefit from one-on-one help with a therapist. Our team at Willow Creek Behavioral Health can offer resources to help with anxiety disorder, depression, and dual diagnosis for those using substances to combat the stress they feel. You are not alone in this process, but you do have to take the step of contacting us to learn how we can help you.

  • Focus on supporting your body

While a great deal of the stress you feel comes from the environment you’re in, you can worsen the situation by not taking care of your body. As your body battles the intensity of stress in your life, give it what it needs to perform at its best. That may include:

These types of activities help to encourage health. Speaking to a friend stimulates endorphins, which can help lighten your mood. Meditation helps you clear and focus your brain so it can function more effectively. Healthy food helps your body fight the physical damage that stress causes, called inflammation.

  • Find ways to have fun every day

The best way to combat stress is to find something enjoyable to participate in on a routine basis. For example, you may love watching comedy. On a stressful day, put on your favorite comedian. You may love to spend time outdoors. Go for a run after work.

Get involved with activities, programs, organizations, and volunteer groups that mean something to you. These may not be outright fun activities, but they help to build a sense of purpose that can help you manage the intensity of stress. These are also very effective ways to promote mental wellness throughout your everyday life. Simply engage in activities that you enjoy. These holistic approaches to mental health can change your outlook and quality of life.

Get In Touch for the Help and Support You Need

Allow our team at Willow Creek Behavioral Health to support you on your path toward improving mental health and well-being. You do not have to battle stress on your own. Reach out to our mental health treatment center in Green Bay, WI, to find out how we can help you. 

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