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Why Choose Willow Creek?

We are medical professionals offering psychiatric and behavioral care near you.

We know you have a choice of behavioral health care providers and we strive every day to earn your trust and respect. What makes Willow Creek Behavioral Health unique is our commitment to people and our belief that every person who comes to us will be treated like a family member. 

Willow Creek is a 72-bed psychiatric hospital in Green Bay, accredited to provide care for people with acute behavioral and mental health challenges.

Hospital Highlights

At Willow Creek Behavioral Health, we work to attract individuals whose values align with our beliefs because we recognize that our staff, at every level, significantly impact the experience of our patients. We have a deep understanding of the intricate nature of mental health and are dedicated to the welfare of the patients we serve in Green Bay.

Through our in-person assessment process, we ensure that we provide programs that are genuinely tailored to the best interests of our patients. We are highly attuned to the unique needs of our community, and our flexibility allows us to adapt our units to meet the specific demands of the community we serve.

We Value Family

We understand that our patient’s family members need support as well. Willow Creek Behavioral Health offers weekly Family Education Sessions led by our qualified therapists. These sessions expose family members to community resources, psychoeducation, an understanding of the hospitalization process, and group support.

We also believe in having fun. Our patients will be exposed to two hours of recreational therapy and fitness per day.

Call 608-690-6880 to schedule a free assessment or to speak with one of our clinicians.

The Willow Creek Approach

  • We believe in an interdisciplinary team approach to treatment. Our internal team is made up of psychologists, psychiatrists, MDs, nurse practitioners, therapists, nurses, and mental health technicians.
  • We also include our community partners in our treatment approach and realize that their inclusion in treatment planning is vital to the success of the individuals we serve.
  • We believe in providing the highest quality of care to patients and their families.
  • We believe in having compassion for, empathy for, and perseverance with our patients and their families.
  • We believe in being good community citizens and serving the needs of the community.
  • We believe in a team approach to care.
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