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NAMI Brown County Walk

Mental illness awareness

Willow Creek Behavioral Health employees and some of their family members gather to walk  this weekend in the NAMI Brown County Walk to health raise funds and crease awareness in the fight against mental illness.   Way to go Team WCBH!

About the NAMI Brown County Walk

The NAMI Brown County Walk, organized by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Brown County, is an annual event held to raise awareness about mental health issues and funds for local mental health programs. This walk is part of the larger NAMIWalks event series that takes place across the country each year during National Suicide Prevention Month in September. Participants from all walks of life come together to support mental health advocacy, education, and support services.

Purpose and Impact

The NAMI Brown County Walk aims to:

1. Raise Awareness: By bringing the community together, the walk helps to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and promotes a better understanding of mental health issues.
2. Fundraise: The event raises essential funds to support NAMI’s programs and services, including peer support groups, educational programs, and advocacy efforts.
3. Community Building: The walk fosters a sense of community and support among participants, providing a space for individuals affected by mental illness to connect and share their experiences.

Event Details


The walk is designed to be inclusive, welcoming participants of all ages and fitness levels. Those unable to attend in person can participate as virtual walkers or volunteers. Teams are encouraged to form and fundraise collectively, adding a fun and competitive element to the event. Participants who raise $100 or more receive a commemorative NAMIWalks T-shirt on Walk Day.


In addition to the walk itself, the event often features activities such as guest speakers, informational booths, and entertainment to create an engaging and supportive environment for all attendees.

Supporting Programs

The funds raised through the NAMI Brown County Walk support various programs, including:

Peer-to-Peer Education: A recovery-focused educational program for individuals living with mental illness.
Family-to-Family Education: A course for families, caregivers, and friends of individuals with mental illness, providing insights and coping strategies.
Support Groups: Peer-led support groups for both individuals living with mental illness and their families.

Community Engagement

The NAMI Brown County Walk is a significant event in the local community, drawing attention to the importance of mental health care and advocacy. By participating, individuals and organizations demonstrate their commitment to supporting mental health initiatives and helping those affected by mental illness.

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