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If You Are Suicidal, Here’s What To Do

Suicidal, If You Are Suicidal, Here’s What To Do,

Suicidal feelings, thoughts, and actions are life-threatening. If you are thinking about harming yourself in any way, there is no time to wait. Getting help immediately is critical. The quickest ways to get help are to call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, 988, or to call 911. 

How Do You Know If You Are Suicidal?

The reality of suicide is that it often comes after a long time of intense pain, loss, and trauma. Though the reasons for emotional pain range widely, anyone who is considering harming themselves should take action. Seek help if you have: 

  • Attempted to harm yourself in any way.
  • Thought about a plan for harming yourself.
  • Told others you want to die.

Do not wait to get help in these situations. Embrace the opportunity for treatment that can make life far better for you. 

Doesn’t Everyone Say They Want to Die Sometimes?

Unfortunately, there are many instances in today’s world in which people make comments that tend to lessen the real pain that others feel. Many people may say things like “I wish I could just die” or “I give up…” but this does not mean they are, in fact, suicidal. Still, if a friend or loved one says they want to die, even if you think they aren’t serious, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to talk more about how they feel. You might discover that underneath their lighthearted demeanor they’re feeling real pain. 

Suicide is more than giving up. It can be a way of “giving in” to the pain, no longer fighting for what you desire, and feeling empty and hopeless. Suicidal ideation is very much a mental health crisis that is likely caused by trauma, pain, and/or hormonal imbalances.

Your thoughts are very real. Your pain is also very real. Yet, it is also up to you to take action to improve that situation. Even if you think you’ll never act on your suicidal thoughts, it’s time to talk about the pain you feel. 

Things Really Can Get Better

When you’re suffering from depression or hopelessness, it can be hard to remember that life changes and that there are healthy solutions to everything. That’s why it’s important to talk to someone, whether it’s a trusted friend or a therapist. They can help you see your worth and begin to build on the small good things until they far outweigh the bad.

Professional treatment options for feeling suicidal are numerous and may include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy: Both of these talk therapies are designed to help you focus your thoughts on the positive in your life and control the negative.
  • Medications: A number of medications could provide you with support if a chemical imbalance is causing your thoughts or mood swings.
  • Collaborative care: A professional treatment team can work together to help you overcome the trauma, substance use disorders, and mental health challenges you are facing.

Let Our Team Offer You the Guidance You Need

At Willow Creek Behavioral Health, we offer incredible support to those who feel like everything is falling apart. Our team is available 24/7 to offer real, confidential support that can help you learn if you need immediate care and what steps to take if you do. There is no cost to our confidential assessments, and our mental health professionals are always a phone call away.

There is no judgment. There are only opportunities to recover. No matter how low you feel right now, take a moment to reach out to our team to discuss your specific care needs.

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