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How to Support Someone Considering Suicide

Suicide awareness support


Often when family or friends see someone in crisis, they don’t know how to respond, or they brush it off because they don’t know what to say. Be prepared by knowing the warning signs and how to respond.
Suicide awareness support

Supporting Someone in Crisis:

  • If possible, start a conversation in private to see how they are doing.
  • Stay calm and be patient in your approach. Help them remain calm.
  • Ask them how they are doing or if they are feeling depressed. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have thought of ending their life. This won’t give them thoughts of committing suicide.
  • Listen and offer support without judgement. Give them the opportunity to share their feelings and show them you care.
  • This is not the time to minimize their feelings.
  • Encourage them to seek help and offer to assist them in contacting a mental health professional.
  • Check in with them regularly to see how they are doing.

If They are Considering Suicide:

  • Remain calm and always take a threat of suicide seriously.
  • Don’t leave them alone until the threat has been assessed.
  • Don’t raise your voice or argue about the morality of suicide.
  • Remove any guns, knives, pills, or other lethal means.
  • Don’t promise not to tell anyone.
  • Call for help or go with them to a mental health provider.
  • Continue to be there for them as part of their support system.

Support is Suicide Prevention

Nobody should feel alone in despair. You are taking the first steps in recognizing the warning signs and understanding how to support someone in crisis. If you, or a loved one, are contemplating suicide, there is always someone to talk to at Willow Creek Behavioral Health. Call our 24/7 phone line (888) 464-1498 or toll free at (866) 618-5542, to be connected with a mental health professional who can help determine the next steps – including setting up an in-person assessment the same day.

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