Visitation & Communication

Family support is an important part of getting well. This includes communication and visitation. Family may be involved during the assessment, family meetings, educational sessions, discharge planning, and continuing care.

Commitment to Patient Privacy

Willow Creek Behavioral Health places the utmost importance on patient privacy, reinforced by our policies and procedures. We adhere to all Wisconsin mental health regulations and privacy laws.

Visitors to Willow Creek must sign a confidentiality agreement to protect patient privacy.

Phone Calls

Phones are available on each unit when treatment is not in progress. Each phone call can last up to 10 minutes.

For minors, patients and parents or guardians will decide who patients can talk to on the phone. Parents and guardians can call for updates from nurses or therapists.

To speak with a patient at Willow Creek, call 920-328-1220 and provide the patient’s code. The receptionist will transfer the call to the patient’s unit.

Visiting Patients

To minimize the risk of covid infection for patients and staff and adhere to current social distancing guidelines, patient visitation has been temporarily halted. We look forward to returning to in-person visitation when it is safe once again.