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Acute vs Outpatient Psychiatric Care

Acute and outpatient and inpatient — oh my! When it comes to receiving psychiatric care, many programs and treatments are available. If you are wondering what type of mental health

Advocating for Your Own Mental Health

TAKING THE FIRST STEP There’s a lot of talk these days about advocating for your own mental health. The very nature of that suggestion can sound ludicrous to someone who

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Mental Health Needs Increasing in Kids

THE IMPORTANCE OF IDENTIFYING MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS AMONG CHILDREN AND TREATING THEM The first week of February is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week. In 2021, it comes at an incredibly

6 Ways to Manage Anxiety

PRACTICAL STEPS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE With a lot happening in the world and across the country right now  and  loads of uncertainty about what the next day will bring

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The Holidays Reimagined

HOLIDAYS 2020 REQUIRES PLANNING AND A LOT OF HONESTY This year is requiring a lot of us. Changes in everything from how kids “go to school” to basic human interactions,

Working Through Grief During a Pandemic

EXPRESSING AND PROCESSING GRIEF At times during 2020, it has felt a bit like a constant loop of the “stages of grief,” which range from denial to anger to acceptance.